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Prominent Pest Control : We work with the top govt. and Private organisations and companies of India like D.R.D.O , Indian Oil Refinery, M.E.S , L&T , etc

Safety Measures

We take the safety of our staff and clients very seriously. We are providing our staff with all the necessary safety measures and precautions.

We check their temperatures every day and update it on the website as well.

Face Shield

Face Shield

Our trained staff are provided with sanitised face shields for their and your protection
Face Mask

Face Mask

We equip our staff with high quality fresh face masks regularly for their safety.
Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves

Our staff wear high quality latest gloves for your protection and theirs
Disposable Shoe Covers

Disposable Shoe Covers

We provide clean shoe cover daily to ensure no germs reach you or our staff.
Regular Temperature Checks

Regular Temperature Checks

We check our staff's temperature every day using a thermal thermometer.
Social Distance

Social Distance

We have educated our staff about social distancing norms

Sanitiation Services

WHO standard Sanitisation

WHO standard Sanitisation

Together we can stop the spread of coronavirus. Whether you need
sanitisation services for your homes, offices or shops, we have a
solution to help you get back to feeling safe. Prominent Pest Control
is a leading provider of specialised sanitisation and disinfection
services in Delhi-NCR.

We provide a reliable and swift response, with effective hygiene and
cleaning solutions through our team of local experts that use the best
anti-microbial, anti-fungicidal cleaning products available in the
market to ensure a safe and effective clean.

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist sanitisation services to
fit your premises whether it’s homes, residential societies, corporate
offices, commercial business parks, industrial houses or many more.

Get in touch with us today and let’s have a chat about how we can help you!
Pet Friendly Sanitisation

Pet Friendly Sanitisation

If you’ve got pets at home and are worried about how sanitisation
products may impact them, worry no more. We know a house with pets
needs special attention and that’s why we use pet-friendly chemicals
to keep our fluffy friends safe and happy.


We believe in giving our clients the most competitive rates. Our rates are the best possible in market without compromising quality. We use the best chemicals. We open the chemical bottles in front of our clients. In pest control business its very easy to simply mix more water than the specified ratio and give bad quality work for cheap price but we will never do that. Our integrity comes first.

We believe in first speaking to your clients and also visiting their premises if required before giving them a fair price quote.

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